How to safely clean your Airpods?

Listen To Perfection With Clean Ears And Clean AirPods

You can use your AirPods for all sorts of entertainment including audiobooks, podcasts, and even full series. Thankfully the design of AirPods has meant we can wave a very happy goodbye to corded headphones that loved to pop out of our ears any time we moved in a way they did not particularly like.

All that being said, as much as we love wireless technology, that moment when we take our AirPods out and see a whole lot of earwax you can't help but feel a drop in your style level, in fact, your AirPods may also be experiencing a drop in their quality thanks to it. Then you take a look at those ear holes and see that they are looking pretty grim too.

Our users will be glad to know that The Medi Grade® Ear Syringe Bulb is worth its weight in gold to get your ears cleaned, in the comfort of your own home. You won't have to worry about dirty or low-functioning AirPods again. To help you get a better understanding of the product we will address the following topics in turn:

- How Do You Use The Medi Grade® Ear Syringe Bulb?

- How Can You Safely Clean Your AirPods?

- A Final Few Words On Why The Small Details Matter

How Do You Use The Medi Grade® Ear Syringe Bulb?

You really don't want to be using cotton buds or Q-tips to clean your ears; they tend to push the wax into your ear canal rather than removing it.

The Medi Grade® Ear Syringe Bulb has been specifically designed to get rid of excess earwax so that your ears and your AirPods will remain in great condition. You can use our Ear Bulb to clean your ears in the privacy of your home. All you need to do is use the easy squeeze to ensure precision.

The Ear Bulb has an Ear Basin to make cleaning as comfortable as possible, it collects the discharge, then you can use the Compressed Towel to clear afterwards before putting everything away in a handy storage bag. The capacity is a generous 200ml so there is no need to constantly refill.

To benefit the most from use, it is a good idea to soften the wax beforehand. If you add Olive Oil drops to your ear you will find that you will benefit from optimum use of the product.

When you want to enjoy every part of the melody that you are listening to, you need clean ears for clarity. All you need to do is add 200ml of lukewarm water to the syringe and gently squeeze a shot into the ear, the ear wax will come out and you will have lovely clean, unblocked ears.


How Can You Safely Clean Your AirPods?

Have you ever found that when you are listening to a great song one of the AirPods seems to have a lower volume than the other one? This means that you tend to not get the full enjoyment from the song. You do not need to go out and buy new AirPods. All you need is a simple and economical solution to get your headphones cleaned correctly.

Certainly, you do not want to use a swab to clean your ears but you can use these handy little tubes to clean your AirPods.

Take your AirPods out and use a little rubbing alcohol to apply to the soft part of the swabs before rubbing it gently to see how that nasty ear wax fades away. Next, take a toothpick and use it to reach into the inner parts of the microphone. Be careful as you clean and you will soon see good results. Lastly, take a microfiber towel and give the AirPods a gently dry. You will feel like you have a brand new pair of AirPods ready to use!

Our Medi Grade® Ear Syringe Bulb can give a great clean but do be careful not to put water on it. Instead, remove all of the water and air from it, then give it a squeeze to get rid of dust particles in your headphones.

A Final Few Words On Why The Small Details Matter

It's all about the small details when you want to make a good impression. Hence why you need, not only to have clean ears to hear everything clearly but also clean AirPods to complete your image.

Your wireless headphones and your ears will work much better if you care for them well. Our recommendation is to check all ear products in Medi Grade. Remember, clean ears mean much more enjoyable listening!

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