Use Olive Oil to Clear Earwax

Olive Oil For Ear Wax 

The cerumen also referred to as the earwax, is the body's way of helping protect the ears. It helps prevent dust, dirt, and little particles from entering the ears. Every person produces cerumen at a ranging quantity - which means that some people produce just the right amount, while some others produce too much. While earwax may help protect the ears from outside dust and particles, too much production of it may cause some problems. People may often experience poor hearing clarity and for some, it is generally uncomfortable. However, earwax can be regularly cleaned and removed for hygienic purposes. There are natural alternatives to soften ear wax such as using olive oil.

How Long Does It Take Olive Oil To Clear Ear Wax?

This depends on the person and the amount of ear wax they have blocking their ears. For someone with dry earwax buildup, 2-3 drops of olive oil applied inside the ear twice a day, for the entire week will help do the trick. Observe for an additional two weeks for progress. At this point, the ear wax may have started to soften making it easier to remove.

Will Olive Oil Completely Dissolve Ear Wax?

The olive oil for ears won't dissolve cerumen and it won’t mix with the earwax immediately. The sole purpose of the olive oil drops for ears is to soften earwax and make it easier to remove.

How Does Olive Oil Help With Ear Wax?

When the oil is in contact with the ear wax, it then starts to soften. You'll play a part in this too because once it becomes soft, you'll have to remove it. This can be done at home, or by visiting a doctor if you need further assistance with ear wax removal.

Using Olive Oil And Ear Wax: The Process

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to cure, treat or diagnose. While generally regarded as safe, perform this procedure with caution. Remember, when attempting to soften the ear wax, only use olive oil. Other types of oils may worsen the issue and cause further damage. Take a dropper and apply 2-3 drops of olive oil inside the year during the night and morning. Repeat the process for 3-5 days (or 7 days if there's too much build-up). When applying the olive oil, make sure that the dropper is right outside your ear, and not touching the ear canal.

How Does Olive Oil Help Clear Cerumen?

It helps soften the ear wax. In some cases, the wax may flow out of the ears, while sometimes, earbuds may be used to help clear the softened wax.

Is Using Olive Oil For Ear Wax Safe?

It is best to use olive oil for ear wax that is manufactured specifically for that purpose. It will ensure that you do not risk damaging your eardrum. The Olive Oil Ear Drops by Medi Grade is a suitable oil to use. Check Medi Grade Olive Oil Ear Drops for the product guide, details, more information and to learn how you can have one delivered straight to your home.
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