Caring For Your Ears During Summer

Summertime is fast approaching. It's the best time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate the good weather. Camping, swimming, carnivals, musical events, and other popular outdoor events are quite common during this time of the year. Even though we care for our eyes and skin with sunglasses and sunscreens when heading outdoors, most of us forget to care for our ears. 

Our ears are exposed to the harsh elements at all times. In fact, we need to take care of our ears during summertime more than any other time of the year because they are exposed to too many outdoor activities and loud noises. For example, if you love swimming and lying on the beach for extended periods, your ears can suffer from the humidity accumulated in the auditory tubes. This hobby can lead to a condition known as swimmer's ear or otitis externa. So, how should you care for your ears during summertime? This article provides information on what you should do to care for your ears during summer.

Risk Factors During Summer

Your ears are exposed to many environmental risks during the hot and humid summer months. The risk factors may vary depending on the outdoor events you attend or take part in during this season. Here are some of the most common risk factors that can affect the condition of your ears in summer:

Exposure to loud noises - Continuous exposure to loud noises can be harmful to your ears. If you don't take steps to reduce your exposure to loud noises including attending musical events and concerts regularly, you may experience hearing loss over time. Even if you attend concerts and musical events, you should try not to stand near loudspeakers. 

Swimming - Swimming is one of the main causes of ear issues during summer. Immersion in water for long periods of time results in moisture gathering in the ear canal. It encourages bacterial growth and humidity in the canal - which leads to swimmer's ear. On the other hand, wax deposits in the ear swell with moisture. 

Prolonged use of air conditioning - The air conditioner is one appliance that you constantly need to keep yourself comfortable in summer. Prolonged use of air conditioning can affect your ears. Sudden temperature changes caused due to the contrast in indoor and outdoor temperatures result in otitis externa. 

How To Care For Your Ears In Summer?

If you prefer swimming or attending musical events in summer, you should use earplugs to protect the ears. Earplugs come in different types, sizes, and shapes. The best type of earplugs to care for your ear is Silicone Ear Plugs. Silicone earplugs are soft, mouldable, and reusable. They are the ideal reusable earplugs for swimming but should not be used for over one metre deep. 

The next most important thing is to clean your ears regularly to keep them free of dirt and debris that accumulate during outdoor activities in summer. If you are wondering how to clean ears in summer, you don't have to look further than the Ear Wax Removal Syringe Kit from Medi Grade. It is the most effective way of cleaning ears.

Disclaimer - The sole purpose of the silicone earplugs or moulded earplugs is only to provide a powerful insulation from the external environment, and the earwax kit is suitable only for cleaning the ears from dirt and debris.

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