Tips To Maintain Mental Wellbeing While Staying At Home

When going through such changes as having to stay home in lieu of going out, it's only natural to feel stressed. Here are some great ways to continue improving mental wellbeing while staying at home during lockdown. These are all easy to implement and will go far in helping to take the pressure off of staying at home.

1. Take The Pressure Off

It's only natural to feel stressed during this time. Instead of focusing on the negative, why not take this as an opportunity to learn something new? From gardening skills to new languages or hobbies, and everything in between, this is the perfect opportunity to sit back and allow the freedom of learning a new skill, hobby, or even a new trade. Get the entire family involved and make it a fun time.

2. News Fast

Every time the news is turned on people tune in to learn what is going on. Unfortunately, this can tend to inflame the fear factor. Consider how often the news changes and how frequently some news story is proven wrong. Take a break from the news. Maybe strive to only watch it once per day or less. Set a limit to how much news is read, watched, or listened to, spend time instead relaxing, and enjoying the serenity of being able to stay at home and relax more.

3. Find Happiness

Instead of focusing on the negative, find things to do that will incite happiness. Focus on things enjoyed, such as playing with animals or grandchildren/children, gardening, reading a favorite book, and the like. Remember, it's the little things in life that make a person happy. Call a friend, family member or even use a video chat platform to see them in real-time. It only takes a few minutes to find happiness. Happiness is what a person makes it so consider a shortlist of things to do that are happy-making.

4. Exercise

Instead of staying indoors all day and feeling like hiding out, get up and get moving. Talk a walk, go outside, enjoy the fresh air, do some favorite workouts, and go for a bike ride. There are a wide array of things that can be done to both get out of the house and get some exercise. Just 30 minutes per day of activity can make a huge difference in mental wellbeing. Find a group of like-minded friends or neighbors and take a walk together. Remember social distancing.

5. Maintain A Schedule

Studies have shown that maintaining a routine can go far to help improve mental wellbeing. Consider a sleeping mask such as the one from Medi Grade that will help to block out any light. It's important to maintain both a sleeping schedule and a normal routine throughout the day to ensure overall mental wellbeing. Children and adults alike will thrive when they rely on routine and maintain a normal sleep and wake schedule throughout any stay-at-home orders. The more normal of a routine a person can maintain the better they're going to feel overall.

Following these tips for mental wellbeing while staying at home will go far in helping people to be resilient during the pandemic and other situations.
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