How to Safely Clean Your Ears?

As a natural defense, the glands present in our ears produce a thick and waxy substance that we call 'ear wax'. Sometimes, the glands within the ear may produce excess amounts of wax, leading to a frustrating and uncomfortable experience.

How to remove ear wax? 

The outer ear canal may fill up with ear wax over time, which can harden from exposure to air, creating a waxy buildup. Here is what you can do to remedy the situation:

Use Gentle Oils

Using a few drops of a gentle oil, such as Medi Grade Olive Oil Ear Drops, can help return the moisture to the hardened ear wax. This softens the wax and lubricates the ear canal, assisting the wax pop out with a bit of encouragement using personal ear hygiene products.

Ear Washing Products

Sometimes, the ear wax can become congealed far inside the outer ear canal. Pushing the hardened wax with a cotton earbud or any other tool can result in pain and difficulty. You can use a purpose-made ear cleaning tool such as Medi Grade Earwax Removal Syringe to extract the ear wax without damaging your eardrum!

If you are looking for a more personalised approach, try Medi Grade Ear Bulb Syringe designed for more accurate and controlled home ear cleaning. For times when a bit more power is required, use the Medi Grade Ear Wax Removal Bottle to achieve an incredibly deep and thorough cleanse.

Actions to Avoid

Here is a short description of the actions that are best avoided when cleaning your ear wax.

Concentrate on the Outer Ear

Do not try to go too far into the ear canal, or you can risk damaging the sensitive eardrum!

Don't Use Sharp Objects

NEVER use sharp or pointed objects to clean out ear wax. Always use safe medical-grade products that are specifically designed for the purpose!

Avoid Injurious Treatments

DO NOT try to experiment with treatments that have no basis or evidence to prove their effectiveness. They might end up doing more harm than good!


Cleaning your ear is an essential part of personal hygiene. Follow our blog to find the best personal hygiene products for your ears. 


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