Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
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Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal
Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal

Olive Oil Ear Drops - Wax Removal

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The Olive Oil Ear Drops by Medi Grade® naturally softens and gently removes ear wax build-up. The included pipette dropper helps to place the drops precisely and easily in no time. The Olive Oil is supplied in a 10ml dropper bottle, which makes the product convenient to carry even while traveling. To achieve the maximum effect, use the Medi Grade® olive oil before attempting to syringe.

Take care of your ears and get rid of ear wax on your own naturally, from the comfort of home.

 Product Details
  • MEDICAL GRADE OLIVE OIL EAR DROPS – Medi Grade products are formulated to genuinely improve your ear health and overall well-being. Don’t dismiss ear pain or wax buildup until it’s critical to get professional ear wax removal. Dislodge, and get rid of ear wax on your own, from the comfort of your home.
  • SOFTENS AND REMOVES – Using the pipette dropper, gently drop the ear wax removal drops into your ear canal. Prevent that uncomfortable dryness, crackling, and irritation. Use the natural olive oil, reduce the need for ear syringing, and we guarantee that any hardened clumps of wax, will become soft and naturally drain from your ear.
  • SAFE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – Don’t try and use olive oil from your kitchen as it may contain unsafe particles and impurities. Medi Grade olive oil ear wax remover has been medically certified for consumption within Europe. It is 100% Pure, and TRIPLE FILTERED which makes it highly effective at softening ear wax and unclogging blocked ears!
  • EAR DROPS LONG-LASTING 10ML BOTTLE – All it takes is a couple of ear drops to get rid of that uncomfortable waxy build-up. The advanced ear drops will relieve hearing loss, ear pain, and discomfort. Repeat treatment morning and evening, for 7 days. It’s Quick, Easy, and Effective! Save the rest of the bottle for the future. Expires after 2 years.
  • MEDI GRADE RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – We guarantee that your ear wax will be softened or your money back. Prevent blockages and clogged ears with Medi Grade olive oil wax drops. You can use these drops in combination with other Medi Grade ear wax removal products. Fill your ears with sounds of joy.


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